Schedule 27.07.20 - 20.09.20

Pole Dance

Dance-like, athletic, acrobatic, and sexy! We offer pole dance in various levels of difficulty.

Starting with the beginner course for which no previous experience in dance or sports is needed and everybody can start at any time, ending with level 5. You learn various tricks, spins, acrobatic elements and choreographies combined with dance elements at the vertical pole which are adapted to the respective levels. An automated and neat execution of the respective learning content is required for the next highest level.

Like this you will improve your elegance, technique, body consciousness, the expression of your skill and make pole dance what it is: dancing without gravity.

Maximum number of participants: 12 persons per course

Pole Tricks

This course is for those who want to deliberately learn and intensify powerful pole moves, tricks and acrobatic combinations. Here the focus is on the technical and neat execution of the specific figures of the respective level and no choreography is learned.

Maximum number of participants: 12 persons per course

Pole Fitness

Is an intensive fitness and full-body workout with and without pole to improve strength and stamina and to let the pounds roll off quickly! Pole Fitness does not only lead to a well-toned body, but also helps to build muscles that are needed for pole tricks and -moves specifically.

This course is open to all levels.


  • Shorts or long pants
  • Top
  • Towel

Aerial Hoop

Aerial hoop or aerial ring is a ring that hangs in the air, which turns and where you can perform fantastic characters and choreographies. Now you have the opportunity to do some gymnastics at the Aerial Hoop. Discover a new kind of aerial acrobatics, learn aesthetic figures and combinations at the hoop and train at the same time your whole body.

For the course no previous experience is necessary. Everyone is welcome.

What you should bring:

  • long pants (legging)
  • long top

Aerial Silk

If you always wanted to try "that with the towels", this is your course! Aerial Silk is a cloth several meters long that hangs from the ceiling and offers fantastic possibilities to present itself elegant, strong and acrobatic. This air acrobatics course winds, turns, climbs, dances and hangs. You learn great combinations and choreographies while strengthening your body.

For the course no previous experience is necessary. Everyone is welcome.

What you should bring:

  • long pants (legging)
  • long top

Chair Dance

A chair is just for sitting there? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Chair Dance is a dance in front of, on and beside the chair. Learn the art elegant move sexy and make the chair your dance partner. You learn a beautiful chair choreography with great tricks on and with the chair! You will be amazed what is possible! Welcome are all those who enjoy the movement and want to try something special. Age, figure and sportiness do not matter. 


  • short or long trousers 
  • top 
  • socks 
  • kneepads 
  • Who wants to bring their high heels? But not a must!

Open Level! No knowledge is required. This course can be combined with all subscriptions & cards are visited.

Exotic Pole - High Heels

Who does not want to feel seductive and sexy while at the same time improving ones personal fitness?

Here you learn a beautiful, sexy, stunning, and graceful choreography at the pole. Here we combine dance technique, pole elements with sensual floor work with or without high heels.

What you should bring:

  • Shorts or long pants
  • Legwarmers/Kneepads
  • High Heels

Please refrain from shoes with rivets, rhinestones, etc., as not to damage the poles, the floor and your shoes.

This course is open to all levels.

Minimum age: 16 years

Maximum number of participants: 12 persons per course

Contemporary Pole

Contemporary and a little bit crazy! Contemporary Pole connects all these aspects with and on the pole! Look forward to an expressive & danceable pole course with Lena and learn a new choreography at the pole!

No knowledge (dance / pole) is required!

You should bring a pair of shorts, a shoulder-covering top and socks.

Open Level!


Flexibility is a key component of dance and acrobatics and should not be disdained. A lot of tricks look more beautiful or are even only possible with a flexible body. In addition, mobility provides a protection from injuries. During this course we work on our flexibility and deliberately stretch all muscles and ligaments that are important for pole sports.


• Long pants/ leggings

• (Long) top

• Socks

This course is open to all levels and to everyone who would like to improve their flexibility and mobility.

No prior experience is needed.

Circus Kids

Everybody knows the pole at the playground. Pole dance is not only for adults!

This course particularly addresses children aged 6-10 years.

Here pole tricks are learned in a playful way that is suitable for children. Big fun for the little ones!


Dates: 29.07. / 12.08. / 26.08. / 09.09.20

Wednesday, 4:15 - 5:15 pm

Trial lessons are possible at any time. We look forward to seeing you!

Pole Jam

Here you have the opportunity to use our premises to train freely on your own. The pole jam is free of charge for all active members with a pole dance subscription. Here you are able to repeat and intensify the training topics without instruction.