Diana Hoffmann



  • certified Dance Teacher  
  • X-PERT Pole Fitness Trainer Level 1-4
  • Polebatics Pole Trainer first steps (ADC)
  • Polebatics Pole Trainer Level 1 (ADC)
  • Pole Instructor Beginners Level 0-3 (ADC)
  • Pole Instructor Intermediate Level 4-6 (ADC)
  • Pole Instructor Advanced Level 7-9 (ADC)
  • Exercise leader air acrobatics TPZAK


  • Deutsche Polesport Meisterschaft 2014, Bochum
    Kategorie: Doubles Elite

  • World Pole Sports Championship 2014, London
  • Kategorie: Doubles Elite 

Diana has been dancing since she was 9 years old. Starting with jazz dance followed modern, contemporary and ballet. In 2011 she discovered Pole Dance for herself and was immediately enthusiastic. She deepened her knowledge in various trainings and further trainings with international pole dance trainers. For Diana, Pole Dance is the perfect combination of dance, aesthetics, strength and acrobatics. She found a passion here that she not only discovered for herself but also wants to pass on to her students.

Sarah Goerres

Pole trainer 


  • Pole Instructor Beginners Level 0-3 (ADC)  

Characterized by the Rhenish carnival, Sarah started with garde and show dance and later practiced in other dance styles such as hip hop, break dance and dancehall. Sarah studied psychology in the Netherlands and is an psychotherapist.

In 2014, during a semester abroad in England, she got to know pole dance and was immediately hooked. She first trained in the Netherlands until she came to us at the Poda Studio in 2016 and completed her training as a pole trainer (ADC). Our "lekker meisje" loves tricks at the pole and can even teach in dutch :-)

Emmy Messing

Pole & Aerial trainer


  • state-certified dance teacher
  • Pole Instructor Beginners Level 0-3 (ADC)
  • Pole Instructor Intermediate Level 4-6 (ADC)
  • Pole Instructor Advanced Level 7-9 (ADC)
  • Floorwork Instructor all levels Chair Dance Instructor all levels (ADC)
  • Exercise leader air acrobatics TPZAK
  • Internal Aerial Hoop Training (Weightless)
  • Fitness Trainer C license


  • Crazy Pole Gala Cup * Advanced finalist
  • Steel on Fire 2019 Double Hoop Professional
  • PSO Oberhausen 2020 Floorwork & Low Flow 2nd place
  • PSO Pole Cleaner :-) 

Emmy discovered her love of dancing at the age of four and danced ballet for a long time. In her early twenties she discovered love for the Pole. In the meantime, aerial acrobatics and dance are no longer sports, but a passion that can be reinvented every day. That's what fascinates her most about these sports. Emmy has a masters degree in Literature and Cultural Studies and is currently starting her professional career.

Lena Helgers

Pole trainer


  • Pole Instructor Beginners Level 0-3 (ADC) 
  • Yoga Instructor (Academy for Sport and Health) 
  • literature and linguistics student RWTH Aachen 

Lena loves dancing! At the age of 3 she started classical ballet, followed by Jazz Dance, Hip Hop & Breakdance, Modern, Contemporary & Lyrical Dance and since 2016 also Pole Dance. Her devotion to dancing can be seen when she is at the pole and is reflected in her clean technique. In her free time, she likes to bake and travel and likes to hang upside down on the pole.

Anna Harings

Pole Trainer


  • Physiotherapist
  • Pole Instructor Beginners Level 0-3 (ADC) 

Anna joined us in 2017 and enriches our team since 2019! In addition to pole dancing, she also loves yoga and diving. 

Anna is a trained physiotherapist and studies Linguistics / Phonetics and Scandinavian Studies at the University of Cologne.

Alina Dammers

Acrobatics trainer


  • contortionist
  • Trainer C mass sport
  • Trainer C gymnastics & gymnastics

Alina discovered her passion for dance and acrobatics in childhood. At the age of 4 she started ballet, followed quickly by gymnastics, acrobatics, contortion and standard & Latin American couple dances. At the age of 15 she became the Dutch master in gymnastics. She now travels all over Germany to present all shows at various events with her acrobatic partner. Since 2020 you have been teaching the partner acrobatics course with us.

Joana Dinah Schwing

Joana is a freelance dancer and aerial acrobat.

Born in Canada, she studied dance at the Fontys Tanzakademie in Tilburg and has been seen in musicals and operas, at festivals and various other stages since her successful graduation in 2008.

Her entry into aerial acrobatics was a pole dance intensive course in early 2013. A few years later, she added other gravity-defying disciplines, such as Aerial hoop, silks and net. She loves challenges and thrills in her work, but is more calm and level-headed in her private life.

Because of her main work as a performer, Joana is an occasional trainer and coach (among other things) in the poda studio. In her courses, she likes to focus on efficient and conscious coordination in the air and on the ground.

Celine Lee

Pole trainer


  • Pole Instructor Beginners Level 0-3 (ADC)  


  • Steel on Fire 2022 beginners 

Funny & a little bit crazy. Celine danced long YouTube videos until she decided to discover a new passion in poda and quickly fell in love with the most diverse exotic styles, powerful tricks and every other challenge that pole sport has to offer.

With her relaxed nature, she has been teaching since the end of 2022 and loves to share her enthusiasm with others. In addition to Pole, Celine is studying mechanical engineering at the RWTH, is always trying out new hobbies, loves everything to do with music and occasionally gambles

Elena Wilms

Aerial acrobatics trainer


  • Trainer for aerial acrobatics
  • Trainer for competitive sports apparatus gymnastics

She started dancing jazz around the age of 10 and also performed on stage. Today she prefers to dance salsa and contemporary in the dance school. Elena soon discovered her enthusiasm for dance in the air. She has been training aerial acrobatics on the silk for four years and has also attended courses around the world. Elena loves to combine physical fitness with dance and music and at the same time experience a need for coordination.


Our studio is located on Martinstraße, right in the center of Aachen. With its industrial atmosphere, Poda Studio offers optimal conditions for training. Overall it covers an area of 300 square meters of which 150 square meters are used as dance floor on which you will find 13 professional poles with a total height of 3.40 meters that can be folded up on demand.

Studio Rental

You are looking for premises? Our studio is perfectly suitable for yoga-, pilates- and dance teachers that are still looking for facilities for their lessons/ workshop. Stereo equipment, mats, yoga blocks, balls, and bands are available to you. Or are you a photographer looking for a special location for your shooting? Feel free to contact us! Times can be agreed upon outside the regular lesson times. Price upon request.  

Interested? Write us a message with your desired date.