General Terms and Conditions

of Poda Studio

1. Registration

Registration has to take place in writing or online. Registration is binding for the participant, not transferable and obliges to payment of the entire course charge, also when not all course units are utilized. In the case of minors, the registration form has to be signed by a legal guardian and a copy of his/her ID card has to be brought. Through this signature the signing parent will automatically become the contractual partner of Poda. With registration the participant confirms that he/she has read the GTC and accepts them.

2. Course Fees & Conditions of Payment

Fees at the time of registration, incl. legal betterment tax, apply. Not later than at the start of the event is the course-/event-fee due to be transferred without deductions to the bank account declared by Poda, to be brought in cash, or paid by a German ATM card. When not paid on time, Poda reserves the right to assign places to somebody else. The membership fee will be collected from the, at the time of registration, deposited bank account by means of SEPA direct debit mandate. In the case of insufficient funds, the account holder has to account for the fees of charging back incl. the arising administrative charges of 10,00€. Regarding contracts, the monthly fee is due for the entire contract duration, also when all lessons (tickets) have already been utilized before termination of the end of the contract.

3. Resignation & Cancellation

Resignation of the participant 24 hours before a course and 3 weeks before event specials (workshops, bachelorette parties, photo shootings, etc.) is free of charge. In the case of later resignation or nonattendance, the entire course unit will be charged. These regulations apply independent of the reason for the cancellation and also when a doctor’s certificate is presented.After the agreed contract period has expired, the contract is tacitly extended for an indefinite period and can then be terminated in writing (by post or email) at any time with a notice period of one month. When the subscription is extended, the participant receives the first agreed number of tickets. Hours already used (tickets) will be charged. Oral subsidiary agreements and promises are not valid. 

4. Times absent

Self-responsible times absent do not justify any price reduction or refund of the course fee. Missed lessons, for whatever reason, essentially cannot be caught up. Only partly participating in a lesson does not justify any price reduction. Paid course fees/ monthly rates will not be refunded. Times absent due to illness of the participant can be caught up upon consultation. Poda reserves the right to make the assignment of times for catching up missed lessons conditional on the presentation of a medical report or another attestation.

5. Changes

Poda reserves the right to change the offer and opening times. When instructors are absent due to illness or when the number of participants is not sufficient, courses/events can be rescheduled to another date or cancelled completely. In case of cancellation, Poda will offer an alternative date or reimburse the fee.

6. Change of level

The participant is aware that during the course of the contract duration, he/she might switch to another level and will therefore have to change to another day and time. When no suitable date can be found due to important, occupational reasons, a special termination right will be granted at the earliest possible date. Poda reserves the right to make the special termination right conditional on the presentation of a written confirmation of the employer or the like.

7. Waiting List

When an event is already fully booked, the participant has the possibility to get set on a waiting list. Participants on the waiting list will be selected in the order of the received registrations.

8. Sports capability

Participation in courses takes place at one’s own risk. By signing the contract or booking a course respectively, it is confirmed that no health restrictions regarding participation in the courses exist. When there are physical restrictions, the participant has to inform the instructor before the beginning of the lesson. Pregnant women are ruled out from participation. Poda assumes no liability, except when deliberate action or gross negligence on behalf of Poda are present.

9. Copyright

The participant may not harm Poda’s copyright. All texts, descriptions, pictures, and choreographies underlie the protection of copyright and other laws of protection. The learned contents of lessons exclusively serve personal use and may not be used for commercial purposes. Filming and taking pictures in Poda Studio is only permitted upon consultation.

10. Liability

Liability will not be assumed for wardrobe, brought valuables, and theft. For personal- or property damage that are not caused by Poda or its employees, any liability is ruled out. Poda does not assume liability for injuries based on neglect of the instructor’s directions, as well as concrete success during the course and the individual exploitation of course contents. In addition, liability is restricted to gross negligence or deliberate action.

11. Data protection

The participant’s personal data that are necessary for the course of events will be saved on data storage devices. The participant agrees to census, processing, and usage of these data for business purposes. The participant can revoke his/her consent at all times. In this case the data will be deleted after complete execution of the transaction.