Pole dance trial class every sunday 2 pm!

Curious? Then sign up now! A trial lesson is the best opportunity to find out whether you like pole dance and our offer. Everybody, regardless of gender, age, weight and expertise is welcome! 



  • Short pants or biker shorts
  • danced a top / top 
  • gets barefoot or on socks


  • long pants (legging)
  • long top

Please, refrain from using hand- or body lotion before class, as this can lead to increased sliding at the pole. Prior experience in sports or dance is not needed.

Maximum number of participants: 12 people

Price: 15 € per person

Payment: credit card, PayPal, cash, debit card, Google and Apple Pay. You have a voucher? Please send it to us in advance by e-mail to info@podastudio.de and we will redeem it for you. INFO: If you are indisposed and cannot come, we ask you to cancel on time so that others still have the chance of participating instead.